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My First Blog - From the beginning turning dreams into reality! - Melissa Arthur Co-Founder

My First Blog - From the beginning turning dreams into reality! - Melissa Arthur Co-Founder

“From The Beginning turning dreams into reality” 


During the dreaded 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, when we had plenty of time on our hands I was out of work being in the beauty industry so myself and my fiancee Jonathan decided to start our new adventure together building a new luxury cosmetic brand.
First we needed a name, we decided we wanted it to be something that represented both of us as it was something we were starting together so I broke down both our names Jonathan & Melissa and came up with Jon.Eliss. Excited that we now had our brand name next step was to decide what products we were going to produce first and we decided on a tanning range which we went on to name BronZed By Jon.Eliss.   
We spent months researching different types of tans and tanning products to see what we would want from our products and what we wanted was to bring luxury products at affordable prices with high end luxury elegance and class. I myself love and have been wearing tanning products for years so I know what I love and what my expectations for a tanning product would be, and being in the beauty industry for the last 15 years i have learned from other women what they also would want out of a tan. So we worked on making our tan stand out with a luxury design and feel to the bottle while also keeping the cost down for our customers to give them that feel good factor to have purchased something luxurious but affordable and also to have created a tan that lives up to the highest expectations of high end products.
Being a working mum of two I like to look my best but cant always afford the more expensive things, so I wanted other women in my position to have the same feel good factor of purchasing high end luxury products but not breaking the bank at the same time.
Being a mum to two little ones can take up a-lot of time so producing a tan that was fast drying was top of my list and something you could wear straight out so making sure there was no nasty tanning smells that we all know to well about was my second priority, so our tan leaves you smelling of coconuts, Mangos and strawberries. I also wanted our tan to last and wear off evenly so by making sure all of our ingredients are natural and organically formulated with added vital skin nourishing vitamins to insure your skin stays well moisturised it guarantees a longer lasting natural fading colour.
All of this would not have been possible for me to achieve without the help and hard work of my amazing Fiancee Jonathan with his determination and dedication to Jon.Eliss on everything behind the scenes. Jonathan has made my dreams turn into reality & we are also getting married soon! Exciting times.
Starting this new adventure with our amazing tanning range we have a lot more exciting new releases still to come bringing only but the best to you.
Thanks so much for reading.
Melissa Arthur
“Be you be bronZed with Jon.Eliss”

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